Saturday, 6 November 2010

Marty Bell patterns now available!

We now have 6 sets available of our independently-produced patterns based on Marty Bell's pictures.

The sets are all priced at our normal rate of $12.99 including shipping worldwide. Click on the link to the right for details of each set and each page has a Paypal link at the bottom for you to place your order securely.

Set 1: Haven Henny Penny, Sunlight Sonata
Set 2: Piety Hill, Quiet Lane, Sixpenny Lodge
Set 3: Chestnut Tree Cottage, Courtyard, Savannah Sunshine
Set 4: Mill Hay Manor, Bowood, Parham House Garden
Set 5: Lovenest Cottage, Mrs Green's Garden, Sorensen Windmill
Set 6: Miss Minnie's Cottage, Summer Song Scotney, Tuckbox Tea Room