Friday, 25 February 2011

More Charles Wysocki patterns added

We now have several more sets available of our independently-produced patterns based on Charles Wysocki's pictures.

The sets are both priced at our normal rate of $13.99 including shipping worldwide. Click on the link to the right for details of each set and each page has a Paypal link at the bottom for you to place your order securely.

Our sets in full are now:

Set 1: Apple Butter Makers, Fox Hill Farms, Quilts for Sale

Set 2: Crickethawk Harbor, Devilstone Harbor, Westoctts Black Cherry Harbor

Set 3: Burma Road, Hawk River Hollow, Nantucket Winds

Set 4: Birds of a Feather, Old Glory Farms, Virginia's Nest

Set 5: Gulls Nest, Moonlight and Roses in Olde Maine, Peppercricket Farms

Christmas Set 1: Home for the Holidays, Plumbelly's Playground, Santa's Coming to Town

Christmas Set 2: Christmas Greeting, Churchyard Christmas, Twas the Twilight before Christmas