Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Jane Wooster Scott: Sixth set of patterns now available.

The latest set of our independently-produced charts is based on Jane Wooster Scott's beautiful Americana artwork and is our sixth set of patterns, including the Christmas themed set.

The set of three charts listed below is available in 18 count for just $13.99 including shipping worldwide. Click on the thumbnails for details of each set, more on our special offers and how to order (opens new window). Don't forget to check out our other Jane Wooster Scott charts!


Jane Wooster Scott Set 5: The 12:09 On Time Again, Swing Your Partner, Summer Harvest

Jane Wooster Scott cross-stitch - The 12:09 On Time Again Jane Wooster Scott cross-stitch - Swing Your Partner Jane Wooster Scott cross-stitch - Summer Harvest

Don't forget our special offers: buy any two sets and receive an automatic 15% discount, buy three sets and receive a 20% discount.