Thomas Kinkade

We currently offer 39 sets of charts based on Thomas Kinkade's paintings, each set contains 3 charts. Six sets are Christmas-themed. We also offer four sets based on the Disney collection of paintings, along with several themed sets bringing together his lighthouse paintings (with an all-new bonus chart "Sea of Tranquility") and also his Cobblestone collection.

Each of the set of 3 charts listed below is available in 18 count for just $13.99 including shipping. Click on the thumbnails for full details of each set, more on our special offers and how to order (opens new window).

Set 1: Cobblestone Bridge, Seaside Hideaway, Pools of Serenity

Set 2: Aspen Chapel, Clocktower Cottage, Village Inn

Set 3: Peaceful Retreat, Village Lighthouse, Old Fishin' Hole

Set 4: Streams of Living Water, Make A Wish Cottage, Summer's Heritage

Set 5: Evening Majesty, Hometown Pride, Friendship Cottage

Set 6: Hometown Lake, Twilight Cottage, Lamplight Manor

Set 7: Mountain Chapel, The Good Life, The Mountains Declare His Glory

Set 8: Victorian Autumn, Mountain Retreat, Stepping Stone Cottage

Set 9 - Lovelight Cottage, Cathedral Mountain Lodge, Simpler Times

Set 10 - Clearing Storms, Forest Chapel, Living Waters

Set 11 - Lamplight Bridge, Conquering the Storms, Winter Chapel

Set 12 - Light of Peace, Victorian Garden, Valley of Peace

Set 13 - A Quiet Evening, Victorian Light, Foxglove Cottage

Set 14 - Lamplight Lane, Lakeside Hideaway, Courage

Set 15 - Morning Dogwood, Sunset at Riverbend Farm, Quiet Evening at River Lodge

Set 16 - Beyond Spring Gate, Cobblestone Brook, Stillwater Cottage

Set 17 - Sweetheart Cottage, Spring at Stonegate, Winsor Manor

Set 18 - Sunset on Lamplight Lane, Mountain Paradise, Guiding Light

Set 19 - Sunrise Chapel, Lakeside Manor, Serenity Cove

Set 20 - Dogwood Chapel, Gingerbread Cottage, Cobblestone Mill

Set 21 - Teacup Cottage, Moonlight Lane, Almost Heaven

Set 22 - Home is Where the Heart Is, Moonlight Cottage, Abundant Harvest

Set 23 - Cobblestone Evening, Beginning of a Perfect Day, Everett's Cottage

Set 24 - Wind of the Spirit, Lamplight Brooke, Cobblestone Village

Set 25 - Rosebud Cottage, Stillwater Bridge, Nature's Paradise

Christmas Set 1 - A Christmas Welcome, Deer Creek Cottage, Home for the Holidays

Christmas Set 2 - A Victorian Christmas 1, A Victorian Christmas 2, A Victorian Christmas 3

Christmas Set 3 - Cobblestone Christmas, Blessings of Christmas, Village Christmas

Christmas Set 4 - Memories of Christmas, Silent Night, Stonehearth Hutch

Christmas Set 5 - Christmas Moonlight, Christmas Eve, Skater's Pond

Christmas Set 6 - Spirit of Christmas, Hometown Christmas, Holiday Gathering

Cobblestone Collection set 1 - Cobblestone Village, Cobblestone Evening, Cobblestone Mill

Cobblestone Collection set 2 - Cobblestone Brook, Cobblestone Bridge Cobblestone Christmas

Lighthouses set 1 - Serenity Cove, Conquering The Storms, Light Of Peace

Lighthouses set 2 - Victorian Light, Courage, Guiding Light

Disney set 1 - Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Frog

Disney set 2 - Tangled, Fantasia, Lion King

Disney set 3 - Sleeping Beauty, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White

Disney set 4 - Dumbo, Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland

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